peach slices: 10-step korean skincare kit

Peach Slices is a drugstore brand for the skincare brand, Peach and Lily. This project is the package design for a drugstore version of their popular luxury 10-step Korean skincare kits.

Credit: Jessica Wong

Credit: Jessica Wong


The image to the left is the packaging from the actual brand, Peach Slices. This design created by Peach and Lily designer, Jessica Wong, served as the inspiration for the design and concept of the project. The idea was to create a skincare box that is centered around the face masks that they currently sell in the American drugstore chain, CVS. In the ten step Korean skincare routine, the process includes: two cleansers (oil-based and water-based), exfoliate, toner, essence, serum, eye cream, face mask, moisturizer, and sunscreen. The box would include each of these products that are focused on hydrating the skin as the inspiration product does.


Box Design

Layout of the box


Product design

Product box package design


The box includes a card with a QR scan for the customer to learn more about the products featured in the box, tutorial, and where to purchase products.