Erdem x H&M

H & M is known for collaborating with high end brands such as Versace and Givenchy. Recently, H & M announced that they are collaborating with a British brand, Erdem ion July 2017. Erdem is known for their exquisite, romantic floral prints that are worn by A-list celebrities like Emma Stone and Nicole Kidman. Since collaborating with H &M for the Fall 2017 season, Erdem had decided to not only made a collection for women, but also men. This collaboration is an example of how a high brand like Erdem can be used in a commercial environment. For someone who has an H & M budget and cannot normally afford luxury brand clothing, they can purchase these collaboration pieces.  

For this fictional project, the goal was to create a car wrap that could be used at the launching after-party for the collaboration. The floral pattern that Edrem is known for was to key inspiration for the design of the car wrap. A 2008 Porsche Cayenne Turbo was selected as the car to feature the car wrap due to its European ancestry it shares with Erdem, who is British, and H&M, who is Norwegian. The key elements were the following during the design process:

H & M: trendy, young, suitable for everyone

Erdem: dreamy, strong, powerful

Porsche: masculine, charming, upper-class